Super Shine Shader for DAZ : HOW TO

1.After installing the file open up your Daz program. Load your object you desire to use the shader on.

2. Click on your SKIN tab.

3.In your content menu locate your Studio folder as shown here:

4.Browse down to the Shaders folder and after clicking on that, choose SuperShine.

5.*Important step. Click on your Scene tab and select your OBJ, then go over to your Surfaces menu and choose the surface material zone you want to use the shader on. It is important to have your object selected in your scene before using the shader.
(Alternate method to select surface area is to use the surface selection tool.)

6. Now click on your Content tab and click on the desired color of Super Shine Shader you want to use, thus applying the shader to as many surfaces as you wish in this same manner.

7. Recommended Render Settings, however you can achieve same effect with different settings. I am just providing them as a referance.

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