Super Shine Shader (presets) for DAZ 1.7

Do you like shiny things? Yeah, me too! It's in our nature. Perfect for Latex, Plastic and Painted surface effects. Super easy to use. No need for elaborate lighting set up, infact you don't even need to use raytraced lights to get fabulous reflections. Great for objects with tricky material zones. This is a DAZ only. To use select object in your scene menu. Select your surface in your Surfaces Menu, then go to your Content menu and apply the desired shade. Detailed HOWTO with screen shots.

*While it produces the best results on curved or rounded surfaces, it will create mirror type reflections if used on linear or flat surfaces.



Download Super Shine Top Coat
(Adds a clear "top coat" finish to your pre-existing diffuse mat file.)

How To Use Shader

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5
Top Coat Example 1

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